Sunday, January 19, 2014

I could have inserted a photo

Disgusting to clean
A washing machine filter

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  1. my 10 year old dryer recently started smelling like burning electrical wires, so i googled what to do and cleaned out the lint section. not just the top of the lint section that i empty after every load, but the much deeper resevoir i didn't even know existed until after researching it a bit. it was INSANE to find a decade's worth of lint trapped and stuffed in this tucked away place. gobs and gobs and gobs of fluffy lint came out. handfulls. buckets of fluff. it was disgusting, but oh-so-satisfying to do it. i'm sure the dryer felt better afterwards -- like an enema for an electronic device. lol. and pleased to report that ye ole dryer is working fine now.


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