Saturday, January 28, 2012

Darn heatwave II

The streets are barren.
That's what happens when it hits
Forty-two degrees.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Darn heatwave

Perth skyline on Australia Day
photo by Neal Pritchard Photography

Australia Day:
I didn't melt but it was
too hot for baking*

(*Anzac biscuits and lamingtons and pavlova)

Monday, January 23, 2012


The new year sparkles,
its promise permeating
the humidity.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Style inspiration

Ugh, it is too hot and humid and I am too itchy to do anything but sit on the couch in my smalls under the air-conditioning. However, I will have to get dressed at some stage (before I head off to work tomorrow morning) and I thought I'd share some of the ladies that influence my style.

1. Miss Piggy
She's been dressed by Marc Jacobs and Prada and she's done Annie Hall. However, my favourite era for Miss Piggy remains the 1980s, especially The Muppets Take Manhattan. How I covet those little Piggy outfits (except the wedding dress - that should stay in the 80s).

Style advice from Miss Piggy? "Clothes are like friends: they should always complement your appearance."

I plan to see the new Muppet film this week and look forward to seeing Miss Piggy's wardrobe.

2. The women of Advanced Style
I work with the elderly and I often admire their style. I am full of respect for the octogenarian woman with umpteen medical problems who takes the time to put on her petticoat, stockings and lipstick (and get her hair done weekly). I have long loved Iris Apfel, self-proclaimed "geriatric star" and fellow specs-wearer. In the past couple of years I have discovered her contemporaries in Ari Seth Cohen's blog, Advanced Style. Their style is fearless and their advice is priceless. ("Always try and bring out your best feature and don't let anyone tell you that you don't have a best feature!") I can't wait for the book.
100-year-old Rose on Advanced Style
Advanced Style
Advanced Style
Singer Rita Ellis Hammer on Advanced Style

3. Shirley Kurata
via Refinery 29

with Elijah Wood, via Autumn de Wilde
I love so-cool stylist Shirley Kurata's gorgeous home, her pom poms and her fabulous wardrobe. She has a similar face shape and glasses to me (round and round) and really rocks bright colours. She describes her look as "mod secretary style" but I think it is so much more than that.