Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Personal space

Chubby man on bus
Uninvited, chubby arm
Pressing against me


  1. GROSS. one time in sf a tall, HUGE, quite possible retarded (literally) man was standing next to me while i was seated on the bus. as we whipped around a turn, he FELL ON ME. it was revolting.

  2. The buses in SF were certainly an experience! My friend and I were on the bus and a man asked if she was my daughter (she's older than I am) then told her that she looks like a doctor (she's a teacher) and that I look like "good times".

  3. OMFG!!!!!

    a friend of mine doesn't drive. she lives in los angeles and uses the bus for all of her transportation. she is also a writer, and she gets 90% of her material/inspiration/stories/poems from riding on the bus.


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