Sunday, June 3, 2012

Recipe for grumpy (aka first world problems)

Pneumonia plus
long haul flights* plus 2 hours' sleep
plus throbbing chin zit

*8 hour flight plus 10 hour stopover plus 14 hour flight plus delays


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  2. I would give you hugs
    Except that you are diseased
    and so far away

  3. omg!!! how miserable!!! i hope things get better soon if they aren't better already!!!

    one time i got a cheap-ish flight from london to los angeles, with a stopover in vancouver. omfg. what a total nightmare. vancouver airport security found me suspicious (female traveling alone) and pulled me aside for a little shakedown. and this made me miss my flight to los angeles. RAGE. int'l travel is NO FUN without delays, and it is substantially worse with delays. and/or with illness or zit pain!


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