Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Intended for use after vigorous bathroom activity has occurred"

Get some Post-Poo Drops
by Aesop and A.P.C.
Best. Collab. Ever.

I first saw this collaboration around the interwebs on April 1st and I thought it was an April Fool's Joke. Fortunately, it wasn't and Post-Poo Drops are in Aesop stores now. They're my new favourite gift (even if your shit don't stink, you probably have guests).


  1. I will definitely get some Post-Poo Drops. I see you didn't write a Haiku about them. Okay, here goes:

    When you've had a poop.
    And the bathroom smells real bad.
    Buy some Post-Poo Drops.

  2. I thought you were joking about the Post-Poo Drops too...and it wasn't even April 1st!

  3. HAHAHAH!! ok, this is the perfect gift.

    can i put it in the litter box? my cats have nuclear waste. it just smells terrible. they probably think the same of mine! i guess it is all terrible. p.u.


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