Sunday, October 9, 2011

Orange dress assistance

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Now that's out of the way, I need some ESB-style advice. If you're not into frocks and style and stuff, please click forward to the next post.

Today I bought an orange cotton frock to wear to my friend's upcoming wedding. It's by local label Morrison.

(Photo by Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images via

That is roughly what I will look like, except less surly, about 20kg larger and wearing heels. Also, I notice that my dress has a little "modesty panel" in the cleavage area, which is probably for the best as I am somewhat better endowed than this model.

This is where I need some advice - how to accessorise this baby? The wedding's in Melbourne, it's in the evening and I think it's at a function centre. I joined up to Polyvore just so I can share some ideas (erm, as in JUST then, so please excuse my crappy moodboard thingo).

My first thought was to wear black leather pumps and clutch with copper accessories. I am more olive-skinned than this model. Only problem is, I can't find anyone selling copper accessories so I may have to head to the hardware store and make some of my own.

My second thought was to mix in some bright accessories, like midnight blue or magenta, then finish it off with gold jewellery. Most of these accessories are just picked randomly off Polyvore, except for the best part - that midnight blue Mr Mohawk bag by Deadly Ponies.

Orange dress with navy and gold  
My other option is to shop my closet and wear some of those things I already own and rarely wear - like this bracelet (with matching ring) by Elke Kramer.

Thoughts? Other suggestions?


  1. I'm in love with the dress! I like the blue shoes and ring and the gold earrings. I think copper would look good too, the blue really pops out.

  2. I like the blue too! Or maybe a sparkly shoe in a neutral colour like this:

    That gold ring is all kinds of awesome. I would get that just to threaten people with when icy glares are not enough.

    You might also need a wrap of some kind for when you leave the function centre. It's always cold here.

  3. LOVELY!! I have an Orange dress the exact same shade as yours for a wedding in 2 weeks! I say blue!!! My backup will be black pumps or metallic bronze pumps with metallic bronze accessories.... :)


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