Saturday, August 28, 2010

Premature decoration

Seen in David Jones:
New Christmas decorations.
Isn't it August?

One for the ladies (and men with gynaecomastia)

When running upstairs
One must hold onto one's boobs
If one is braless

PS thanks for all the nice comments lately and (golly gosh) thanks to all the followers. If I owe you will be there soon.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My front doormat used to be green but now it is black and says "Welcome"

Someone changed my mat.
They swapped it for another.
I find it quite weird.

Unintentionally rhyming haiku

Music to my ears -
I found my iPod; it's been
missing for a year.

Weird dream about co-worker

I dreamt I did "it"
With the most beautiful boy
in the hospital

Boring days have sucked away my haiku mojo

Not much at work then
geriatrics interview
then bridesmaid meet-up.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm pretty impatient

Hung parliament.
Waiting. At least there's no more
political ads.

Here is an entertaining and realistic depiction of Australian politics in the lead-up to yesterday's federal election (yes, there really is an Australian Sex Party). I haven't embedded it the right size so you should watch it in YouTube. It's worth it. You can turn the sound off; there are subtitles:

Basically, after most of the votes have been counted, neither of the two main parties has a majority in the Lower House. There are three Independent MPs who will probably determine which party gets to govern. Here is an advertisement for the Member for Kennedy, one of the three Independents with whom this responsibility lies:

Ah, Bob Katter. I may not agree with your policies but I do love your advert.