Saturday, March 27, 2010

Concert review

I saw The Pixies.
They played Doolittle and it
was fucking awesome.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bye bye Team K

Today was the last day working with my current interns, aka "Team K". Fortunately, we will no longer have people point at us and say, "Haha! Charlie's Angels!" However, I will miss working with them. When they paged me, they would sign off with "kk". That was the inspiration behind the wrapping of their farewell-thank-you gifts. (I am excited that I finally found recycled kraft paper that doesn't come in a 100m roll.) The gift was intended as a reminder of their time in Geriatric Medicine:

Ice cube tray by Fred Flare, purchased at *ware Mount Lawley. 
Photos from Fred Flare website.

Perth, a thriving metropolis

The $2 Shop
is now the "Five2Three" Store
A sign of progress?

This may be why I'm so tired

My Google Reader:
Eight-hundred-and-nine feeds is
Somewhat excessive

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cake Wrecks haiku

Forwarded to me by my sister. I think it is funnier than mine. Darn.

A whinge (aka "Gifts will hopefully be mailed next week")

Life has been busy;
sleep has not been refreshing.
Working all weekend.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Failed attempt to buy chocolates for giveaway winners

Oh, wherefore art thou
Caramello Koala?
Not on the store shelf.

Packagey packagey packagey

You all know I like a nice package. I love to give, love to receive, love to wrap...

The lovely Cole of Adventures in Love and Happiness is hosting "Brown Paper Packages", a gift exchange of your three favourite things. (Your three favourite things that fit an a letterbox, I guess.) She sent me a sweet package as part of the "Getting To Know You Knick Knack Exchange." I say, everyone sign up! It's fun!


I was so smug in my third floor apartment until I discovered the carpark was flooded

Perth's first rain for months
Streets flooded, traffic lights out
City in chaos

The Emergency
Department was flooded with
people and water

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Marc Johns - latest addition to art wall

I finally bought an original work by one of my favourites, Marc Johns

He's trying to catch something
And now I've caught him

Giveaway winner

The giveaway winner...using advanced mathematical

...everyone who entered!

Me Melodia
Anaurora H
Thy Lady J
74 Lime Lane
Woolgathering & Miscellany
Bianca J
Polka Dot Rabbit
also Drollgirl, not sure if you were trying to enter but hey, I'll send you something too!

Some people wanted their prize to be a surprise so I won't say who is winning what. Or maybe I'll post it in the comments of the giveaway post. Please email me your postal address (elissa[at] iinet[dot] net[dot] au) or post it in the comments and I'll get your prize off to you (hopefully within a week, depending on my level of sleep-deprivation).