Saturday, March 20, 2010

In the carpark, after lunch

Abandoned g-string
Lacy, aqua and dirt-stained
No one would touch it

I think there are still more prizes than entrants

There is still time to enter my giveaway because I am very busy this weekend and can't use the "I'm studying" excuse to avoid social engagements, which means I don't have time to pick the winners. Just leave a comment under the giveaway post. Here is some more haiku magic from the comments:

Would you expect anything less whimsical from someone called Polka Dot Rabbit?

birds fly around here
wings flutter dreaming of clouds
clouds deign politeness

I think Lady of Letters Bianca's haiku is very clever (despite her claiming to be "bad at haiku"). Also, I think it's her birthday today so Happy Birthday, you're a big girl now!

Here’s five syllables
And here’s seven syllables
And that’s my haiku

Finally, the ever-wonderful Wool & Misc honours us with two stanzas (although the first one's obviously a big fat lie):

i'm a big fat mess
your honesty and wit keeps
me coming back, yay!

my best friend loves owls
but you've sent me so much stuff
someone else's turn?

I just love sending shit and keep coming up with prizes so probably it's everyone's turn.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Package Project

The Package Project is based on the Lovely Package Exchange of Oh, Hello Friend. It is being organised by Cupcake Couture out of South Africa and is open to participants worldwide. I obviously love sending (and receiving) packages so I will be signing up for this.

Here are some of my packages...

...and some of my blank cards:

Today's result

Disbelief, surprise,
Shock, disbelief, denial,
Excitement, relief.

Before the exam, I decided that if I passed I would reward myself with an Eames Plastic Sidechair with Maple Base, in Light Blue. The exclusive Australian stockist is Living Edge and they have a 12 week lead time on orders! I hope they have one in stock (although I think it's unlikely). I will have to be patient. It should arrive in time to cheer me up before the next awful exam instalment (late July). I hope I don't spend heaps of money when I'm in Living Edge. I will have to be strong.

Photo Anemi Hotels via Poppytalk Handmade via AT

PS check out this mushroom stamp from kikki.K. The stamp (on the bottom) is a picture of a mushroom! It's $7.95. I'm totally getting one.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ikea haiku (ps enter my giveaway please)

Shelf fell off the wall.
Luckily my head did not
Damage any art.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In lieu of haiku

Well, in lieu of my own haiku, I am going to post the haiku from the giveaway entries! The bicycle tote is the early front-runner (front-cycler?) for first prize; it's a good thing I bought two of them. I had fun buying classic Aussie souvenirs during my lunch break (I had a lunch break!) today.

The first poem is by would-be Fredrika, the famous Miss Melody:

ode to excrement
with dash of insanity
my faves to visit

Next is by Anaurora, a fellow Capricorn whose interests include world peace. She lives in Portugal and writes short stories (and now, haiku!). I'm glad to brighten someone's Monday:

This blog allures me
this giveaway makes me feel
monday's a good day.

Last but not least, Faiza, whose name makes winning a fait accompli:

my name means "winner"
and your birdcage and haikus
make me smile real tall

Thanks for the haiku!
Everyone else, hurry
up and write one too!

Please enter my game
Then I will feel loved and you
Can have some cool stuff.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Slow news day

The tree man of Perth
He's been there one-hundred days
He must be smelly

Stuff I like that you may like

I suddenly have twenty followers. As a thank you for reading my little poems, I am having a giveaway this week. I do not know how many people will enter (if it's not many I probably have enough stuff to send a prize to everyone) otherwise I will maybe choose one winner for everything? Or a few winners?

Gee, I am not very good at this giveaway thing.

I will not be employing any pyramid tactics (along the line of - follow my blog and blog about my blog on your blog and use that Twitter thing and facebook my blog and you can have an extra entry - although you can do all those things if you like). All you need to do to enter is comment below with some fact about yourself, why you read this blog and which prize you would choose. Bonus entries for writing (or attempting) haiku! I will choose the winner(s) using some wonderful random-choosing mechanism, sometime this weekend (which is probably Friday where you are, unless you're in Australia or NZ). All prizes will be accompanied by bonus goodies (like stationery and haiku) and, if you are foreign, Australian treasures.

First item is for the tiger-loving tramps, a "Tiger Milk" print by Perth artist Sean Morris. It measures 19x25cm (about 8x10 inches) and is black ink on a white background (not grey as demonstrated by my dodgy photography). I picked this up at one of my favourite stores, William Topp.

Second is the Pigeon prize - something to hang in your home plus something to hang on your ears. Well, the birds on the mobile are probably not pigeons because they're not crapping on anything but you could add that in with some correction fluid. The cardboard mobile is also from William Topp and the tiny heart earrings are from Perth's Pigeonhole. Do not be misled by the giant pencil in the background - the earrings are tiny but not teeny-tiny.

Next is the Parliament prize. What a hoot! This includes a pretty parliament of amigurumi owls by Perth's Mel P Designs and a wooden brooch by Perth's White Square. Both were purchased at markets last weekend when I should have been studying. I may have to keep one of the crocheted cuties for myself so the prize will be one owl short.

The Paper Prize - a Dena Drake felt paper plane brooch from the Moose: Art for Living stall at last week's Unwrapped market, accompanied by a selection of stationery including an O-Check notebook and some Japanese masking tape! That's right, bitches, washi tape!

The Bicycle Booty - this includes a bicycle tote bag and some blue bicycle paper clips from kikki.K. n.b. You do not need to cycle to appreciate this prize.

Bag-lady Booty - this is a vintage handbag I purchased at Safehouse by Boniko. It jumped of the shelf when I walked past and I just had to buy it. (Also, check out their website for a giggle.) The bag will contain some secret bag-lady gems for the winner.

The last of the lovely loot is the "Bad Girl" booty - this prize will contain this Russell Leonard tea towel from Moose and some surprise stuff suitable for a naughty girl. I have a Russell Leonard tea towel and can attest to its generous size and ability to absorb.

Darn, now that I've posted it, I want to keep everything for myself. However, it is all for YOU my lovelies (except the one little owl I'm going to steal). If you win something and don't want it, it is exchangeable for a handmade, handwritten haiku book. Also, there's probably stuff I've forgotten to post so keep checking throughout the week.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Please give me advice r.e. typewriters

 Image from Perth Zine Collective

Last week, I attended the Letter Writing Club run by the Perth Zine Collective, held at Pigeonhole's cosy Cabin Fever space. It was a bit stuffy (the venue, not the crowd) and my letter to D may have been a bit nonsensical due to cerebral hypoxia, but I did manage to produce a few pages of writing, drawings and silly typography. I left early (to study) so I missed walking to the letterbox with everyone at the end of the night.

On a related note, I went to the post office last week to buy stamps. The woman serving me asked if they were for something special and I foolishly replied that they were not (all of my mail is special, right?) to which she responded, "I would have gotten you some nice ones if they were for invitations or something." Darn! Instead, I received 20 stamps of Australian authors. Rachael, the zine-Queen who organised the Letter Writing Club, shared this link with me about the "white-male-Anglo-Saxonish" vibe of the stamps. What I find astounding is that they are all wearing very casual dress. (You can see the stamps at the link above - I have the coloured ones.) I mean, if your noggin is going to be flying around the world, at least wear a tie. Maybe, being writers, they usually work in their underwear and therefore a polo shirt is the height of formality.

Some of the letter writers had portable typewriters and now I really want one. Fortunately, my family are hoarders and my mother still has her pre-electrical typewriter but I would still like to pick up a portable number (if it turns out that Aunty Shirley doesn't have my Pop's old one lying around somewhere, which she probably does, owing to the hoarding thing). Does anyone have advice on what to buy? I see mainly Brother and Olivetti models on Aussie eBay.

Thanks all for reading. I have taken photos for the giveaway but my place is so messy that I lost my camera before I uploaded them. Oops.

What will I be when I grow up?

Spinster aunt, crazy
cat lady, Miss Havisham
or a late bloomer?