Saturday, February 27, 2010

Procrastination fascination

I was procrastinating again last weekend and made this little wall arrangement for the Interior Styling flickr group's February Challenge. In honour of the Winter Olympics, I used my faux taxidermy moose from Vancouver in an old frame, plus some prints awaiting frames (Winter Sea Otter by Dawn Tan and Webbed by Sean Morris), a postcard from Japan and a few badges, including the big floral one from the lovely Sarah of Sarah's Loft, that she sent me as part of a giveaway prize.

I hope my neighbours don't get skin cancers

Clad in bikinis
They lay poolside, sunbathing.
So nineteen-eighties.

Don't they remember -
"Between eleven and three
Stay under a tree."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trio of pears

Inspired by this article in Real Living magazine, and uninspired by the oyster lamp setting that came with my apartment (and its globe that blew months ago that I never replaced), I bought a pendant fixture for my "dining room" (a.k.a. kitchen/lounge/living/study/craft/mess room). My future brother-in-law, who is awesome (because his name is CHAD and also because he will work for beer) is a sparky and hung the fitting for me (D.I.Y. electrical work being illegal in Australia). The darn IKEA pendant fitting does not fit a standard Australian lamp shade but we improvised a bit with the attachment.



Surprise! Whoever is sitting in the corner (or washing the dishes) can see these blue and gold pears (from Stick Meon).

Why is it taking so long? Is it coming by land?

Dear Mister Postman,
Please bring me my mail post-haste
Or I'll go postal.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Special K box

One of the K Team has her birthday this week, so I bought her a little present that she was admiring when we went to Pigeonhole. I covered a matchbox in brown paper yesterday and was pondering how to decorate it. I took a study break in Northbridge for lunch/coffee/guilty shopping and found the perfect solution - Lala Orange had mt Japanese masking tape on sale! I bought a five pack (okay, and a couple of pairs) and used some of the different widths to decorate my little matchbox. I topped it off with a "k" sticker from kikki.K and of course I finished it off with my label machine.

Open it up...and there's some tissue paper I recycled from my Knick Knack Exchange gift.

Little heart earrings! I hope she likes it.