Thursday, February 4, 2010

I won! I won!

I always think it's funny when people say they've "won" something on ebay, as if they're getting it for free.

Here's a print I "won" in one of the many auctions I bid on, in support of Haitian relief efforts (this one by Indie Fixx). It's from Sycamore Street Press and features cats (and people) with moustaches. CATS with MOUSTACHES, people. It's printed with a letterpress printer, too. Of course, I am not a cat person, so I had it sent to Tanny and Matty in the USA. I am unsure if they are cat people either, but they are definitely MOUSTACHE and LETTERPRESS people.

I love Sycamore Street Press. PS, they are giving away another letterpress print on their blog, of a ROBOT RIDING A BICYCLE. I cannot describe its awesomeness. Go enter. No, I am not earning commission. I am just grateful for everything I have (even my encounters with penile implants, without which I would be unemployed).

Yet more giveaways

I looked over to my shared items list from Google Reader (or Goggle Reader as I prefer to type) and noticed that most of the items are are some more you may like...

  • Win a Fuji Instax (or an SLR bag but who would pick that over an Instax? Someone with an SLR, I guess) at Creature Comforts;
  • Win a super super super cool "Fungus Among Us" print by Justin Richel over at Westervin, a very cool new blog I discovered after one of its authors stalked me from my comment at the Justin Richel giveaway on papernstitch (see previous post). If you enter that one, please put "Elissa C" somewhere in your comment and I'll get an extra entry and LOVE YOU LONG TIME;
Okay, now I'm bored of typing. You probably already read Creature Comforts so I won't tell you to go there but you should check out Westervin as they have some cool collages, cool cocktails and excellent Oxfords (shoes, I mean).

Give it away give it away give it away now

There is so much great stuff being given away on blogs. Recently, papernstitch did a tour of the studio of fine artist Shannon Rankin. This week, papernstitch are having three giveaways to celebrate Intersect, the new collaboration between Justin Richel and Shannon Rankin. Shannon Rankin (Selflesh) makes awesome anatomical collages using maps. Justin Richel draws crazy cool illustrations of people with stuff coming out of their heads. (I already had both their etsy stores favourited.) Together, they are making beautiful collages (notice that I am not an artist, nor am I a writer and therefore I do not have to use fancy adjectives to describe their work or my reactions when I see it).

To win an Intersect print, enter here.
To win a Justin Richel print (of birds standing on each others' heads!), enter here.
To win a Shannon Rankin embroidered print, enter here.

Also, read the papernstitch blog! It's cool. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Haiku shit

No haiku today
I am far too important
And I'm zzz...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I hope my Dad doesn't get one

It's disconcerting
Talking to someone who is

The penile implant.
It's malleable and I
Find it disturbing

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Response to W&M's comment in post below

If it is real poop
I have to say it's lucky
That my shit don't stink

I love your haiku!
If there are tears they will be
Tears of happiness.