Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tomorrow will be a better day

Very flatulent.
Combination of diet
plus too much caffeine.

It was all good until I developed hayfever

Study essentials:
Study timetable, coffee,
sticky notes, pollen

Does anyone else get weird phenylalanine deja vu in their mouth?

Drank a Diet Coke
That was seven hours ago
Now having flashback

Sample "Type A" Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is not preferable to studying and sitting mock exams:

a) wrapping and sending random gifts to people  (refer to graphic below).
b) bidding on art auctions with proceeds going to Haitian relief funds.
c) rectal prolapse.
d) making battleship-shaped ice cubes with newly-arrived birthday present from Mr Doink.
e) arranging pretty flowers in a white porcelain jug.

2. Which of the following did Elissa not see today:

a) a Transperth bus driver refuse to open the doors to let a grown man disembark, until the man had said, "Thankyou to the bus driver."
b) a boy aged ten or so pull his penis out of his lycra shorts in front of a store in the Hay Street Mall (Perth's main shopping strip and a popular tourist attraction) in an attempt to recreate Manneken Pis, I suppose.
c) a fashionably dressed male who had accessorised with a pair of 3D movie glasses in lieu of real sunglasses.
d) a larger woman who stepped on my right foot while I was waiting in line at the post office, then told me off for standing incorrectly (i.e., the way that seduces people into stepping on my foot, thereby causing me physical pain).
e) the light.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I moved my desk into the dining area to facilitate study and inadvertantly placed it next to the bar

I just realised
I've more than twenty litres
Of vokda and gin

Help Haiti

I will justify my purchases in numerous ways, most commonly with excuses such as "I'm supporting small/local business," or "I'm stimulating the economy." This way, I don't feel bad about not saving my money (and plunge the country into a recession? How selfish) or giving it to charity.

With the tragedy in Haiti comes a new excuse to buy things I don't need. Many etsy stores and other artists and crafters around the world have donated their products to the Haitian cause, with proceeds going to charities. I am now having an internal debate about whether I should just give more money straight to charities instead of buying things but...damn. I feel a bit like one of those wankers who attends charity balls that cost hundreds of dollars a ticket.

Well, ignoring the ethical dilemma for a moment, here is some stuff you can buy to support the Haiti cause:

"Plum Mums Album" via Indie Fixx's Haiti Relief Fundraiser Auction (actually, don't buy this one, it's an auction and I don't want you to outbid me). Despite the cringeworthy name (Plum Mums???) I think it would make a nice album for my sister's Kitchen Tea that I guess I will have to organise.

Needle felted flying pig from the Craft Hope etsy store, which is giving all proceeds to Doctors Without Borders in Haiti (although, shouldn't they be called MSF in Haiti? Wasn't it a French colony?)

This photo by Brisbane photographer Jonas Peterson is for auction (with a slew of other photos by various photographers) at Switch Cities. Proceeds go to the Global Giving charity's Haiti Emergency Water Relief project. Again, I'm bidding on this so can you bid on something else? I am just putting a little version of the picture so you won't think it's very nice. I really love this photo and would want to buy it even if the proceeds weren't going to support Haiti. Heck, I would probably buy it even if the proceeds were going to a 60s tobacco company CEO.

"Hamsters" (subtitled "I lift you high to show you the world") via the etsy store Hearts for Haiti.

If you don't want to buy shit (or even if you do), just donate here. Or here. Or both. You'll feel good.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My love of basic immunology

Study is boring.
No heart-shaped cup of coffee
Can change that sad truth.

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's bloody hot

It was 42C today in Perth. Oh, how I wish I were here.

I could indulge my pagophagia.

via Delikatessen

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am taking two weeks of annual leave - to study. Bleugh.

Haiku hiatus:
Valuable study leave
Must not be wasted


Met for lunch yesterday with friends (three of whom are called D. Not as confusing as anticipated.) Exchanged gifts (mostly I received but did manage to give out a few belated Christmas and early birthday presents). I took my camera along but forgot to photograph people as I was too distracted by the gifts. My gifts were all beautifully wrapped and for some reason, the wrapping all matched. (The water bottle was not a gift, it was just there to provide us with drinking water.)

The gift wrapping from *ware always includes a little ladybug

Love this paper (almost as much as what was within)
Little love heart cutouts. (There are also little love heart cutouts in my earrings, below, although they're too small to see in the photo.)

As always, apologies for the bodgy photography. I have an owl dish from Have You Met Miss Jones (thanks D), some Aesop hand wash and True Blood Season One (thanks S&J, more study procrastination but at least my hands will be clean), teapot and teacup earrings from Morgan and Jane and an "E" ring (thanks D, who came all the way from Melbourne), a moonface ring (made of BONE - thanks D) and a measuring tape bangle, also from Melbourne, sent over by Kathy. Also scored a pretty set of bowls but forgot to photograph them (but thanks, Mel).

Ears bleeding

I loved the Chipmunk Rock album when I was a kid. My sister and I had the LP and wanted to play it constantly.

I pity all the parents who have to listen to this.

Perfect pairing

Two of my birthday gifts that go together swimmingly:

My new Mixmaster from mumsie and dadsie...


...and this book that Kathy sent me from Melbourne.

They know me so well.

PS Mr Mixmaster will also be used for pavlovas, cakes, biscuits and slices.

Someday, my prints will come.

After seeing this Paul Octavious photo on the UPPERCASE blog, I hightailed it over to his website and flickr, to be bombarded with eye candy.

I ordered this bad boy, Monstro (above), from his print shop and I can't wait for it to arrive.

Yet another very talented person that is younger than I am. This will be a recurring theme for the rest of my life, I gather. Check out the Paul Octavious site and his flickr for hours of awesomeness.