Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Painful for my eyes and her crotch

Painfully dressed girl
Walking down the corridor
Leggings are not pants


  1. i just had to tell you that i love the title of this post!

    buuuuut, i do wear leggings as pants, and i thnk they're the most comfortable things ever!

  2. Haha I have seen your photo and you can get away with it. This girl could not.

  3. I am with you. They are horrieble.

    I had to put up with blokes in the gym yesterday who think that lycra shorts are outerwear. Yech.

  4. Ew! I totally agree. I once saw a girl wearing patterned fishnets as pants. She had an oversized shirt just covering her behind. Hmmmm...

  5. your post title is a scream!

    and leggings w/butt showing drive me bonkers.

    and thank you for always leaving the best comments.

    my cat has ibs. can you believe that?! he has had poop issues for years, so maybe this was there all along?! craziness!

  6. haha, I agree! it's flattering to no one.


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