Monday, June 7, 2010


Looking for things to do that don't involve sitting in front of your computer (novel, I know)?

First up, Pip at Meet Me At Mike's has an Envelope Project whereby you send her an envelope with little bits of lightweight and papery goodness, then she sticks the envelopes on the window of her store (in Melbourne), posts photos of the contents on a flickr group, then randomly chooses a participant at the end to receive ALL the items posted to her. Letters are welcome from anywhere.

the envelope project

Next, Janice at Little Miso has a Paper Hearts Project, in which participants make little paper hearts, possibly with secret little messages written on them, then pin them up where they can make people happy. Visit the blog for all the details and pictures. Instructions are below.


  1. Well hello!! I am finally passing by :) sorry I didn't in a long time!
    I saw something like the hearts but of a girl that laves post it notes in Bangkok I think.

    Ok. That is all for now.
    A big hug!!

  2. Oh no, I feel slightly stupid, it's not in Bangkok, it's in Singapore.

  3. Wonderful ideas! Off to check these out, Have a sweet day!


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