Wednesday, June 2, 2010

haiku and a bitch

Russh, Russh. Hurry love
Come to me. Russh, I wanna
Read you, be with me

(Apologies to Paula Abdul. Also, I had totally forgotten that Keanu Reeves was in that video, displaying his bodacious acting skill.)

Russh magazine used to be my favourite. I would anticipate it every two months and wish that it would come out every month. Somewhere, it has lost its charm (even as it improved its annoying spelling and grammar). This may be due to changes in editor or maybe it's just that they recruited Lesley Arfin as a columnist. The latest issue has a new editor (Stevie Dance) and I was looking forward to seeing her changes (there is a MAN on the cover) BUT my subscription still hasn't arrived! The magazine came out in newsagencies a week ago and I'm disappointed to not have received my copy.

Rant over.

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