Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Russell, sorry about that time I up-chucked at your 21st

Fluorescent orange.
All over your couch. And me.
I blame the Cheezels*.

(*Plus the alcohol may also have played a role. Sorry about that.)


  1. am laughing because i have a similar story involving grape juice...

  2. gnarly!!!

    i had a birthday party when i turned seven. it was a pizza party. i GORGED on sausage pizza, and somehow got the flu that night. i barfed sausage pizza EVERYWHERE, including in my mom's big pasta bowl. i could not eat sausage pizza for years, and every time i saw that pasta bowl i passed on whatever was in it. gross.

  3. hilarious! one of my friends can relate to you in a huge way, except it was bright green.. who knew midori could do that!


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