Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday's to-do list (first seventeen syllables are already done)

Breakfast with friend, then
two art galleries, buy art,
deep tissue massage.

Dinner with friend, then
drink some beverages, then
see some live music.


  1. I was doodling in a planning day last week and writing silly things and one thing i wrote was 'i would have written a haiku, but haikus are so last year' ... random and stupid I know! I wonder what the conference venue people think when they collect all they paper pads at the end of the day!

  2. sounds like the perfect sunday! woo hoo!

    and i don't know HOW you handled the flight from australia to portland! i would die! i thought i was going to explode flying from la to nyc once -- that is about 6 hours of pure hell confinement. but you faced much worse! ack! you are stronger than me, and less crazy! ahahhaha

    and a HOSTEL?!?!?! are you kidding?!?!? have you seen the movie HOSTEL?!?!? BAH! there is no way. i am not very social, and staying in a hostel would probably be the death of me!

    sorry for prattling on and on.

    were you the one that asked about the blooming onion? if so, that is a deep fried sliced onion here in the states that is served as an appetizer at some of the chain/cheesy restaurants. :)


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