Saturday, May 15, 2010

Publicly humiliated and badgered

I needed one of these badges today. I had a mock examination for which I was very under-prepared. I feel that I have brought shame upon my hospital.

Enough of that. Don't you love that badge? I bought one for a buddy a few years ago. We met working at McDonald's when we were in high school. Our Macca's badges looked just like this one, only with our names on them. I wish they'd given us these instead. The badge is by Kearnsie, who is (I think) based in Melbourne. She makes others, such as the "Hello, I like to skim stones and take long walks in the park" and the "Hello, Very busy, Very important" badges. If you're in Perth you can pick one up at William Topp or get one online at Moose.

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  1. I love these badges. I'm partial to the 'skim stones...' one. They're so great.


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