Friday, May 7, 2010


If my surname were
"Cocks" (C. O. C. K. S.) I
would change it to "Cox."


  1. I knew a family and their last name was 'Crook', and they changed it to 'Crooks' because they thought it sounded better. WHY NOT JUST CHANGE IT COMPLETELY?

  2. haha...unfortunately that would not solve the problem. just ask bobby cox!

  3. If you were going to change Crook, why not just pop an E on the end? Adding an S just changes you from a singular criminal to multiple criminals.

    Heather: I bet those those cake people knew exactly how to spell "Cox". Hehe.

    PS there is a Urologist in my town called "Mr Burns-Cox". Cracks me up every time I see his name on a letter.

  4. ay yi yi. i don't think i could date a guy with the last name COX or COCKS.

  5. one of my best friends has the unfortunate last name "Dumville" I don't know how many times it gets written with a b in it. I also have an ex-boyfriend with the last name "Raper" but he was an ass so he deserves a crappy last name ;)

  6. True, true.

    If you didn't get my email, I got your package and it was the very best! thank you!


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