Monday, May 17, 2010

Build me up, buttercup.

Like many in my profession, I am plagued by low self-esteem and thrive on positive feedback. That is why I love all your comments and emails. Also, thanks to these people for posting about the packages I sent to them: Faiza, Kellie, Bianca, Anaurora and Jennifer. Plus, it helps me to remember what I sent because I forgot to take photos before I packaged it all up. Thanks everyone.


  1. You are very much welcome darl! So glad you received my mail! And super happy you like the keyring! I love intials of names too! E is such a cute letter. No really, something about letters A, B, E, J (of course hehe), hope everything made you smile! I know what you mean about low self esteem. I some times feel like that too and when I get mail it totally makes my day! I look forward to doing more mail with you! Esp when I'm in Melb and I'm all sad & lonely hahahah! :) I think mail will keep me positive when I'm there!


  2. Awesome :) but have you gotten my package yet? 'Cause it's been over a week since I sent it. Oh well.
    Go mail!! i think it's really uplifting to receive mail too.
    A big hug,

  3. comments certainly do help the self esteem! a LOT. especially during the down times in life! SO KEEP UP THE BLOG, GIRLIE! you are fab and it is always a pleasure to come here!

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  5. Elissa.... I tagged you! You can see the 'rules' in my blog, in case you want to follow up.
    A big hug!

  6. Anaurora - I will reply to the "tag", I promise.

  7. Ugh, you probably think I'm a jerk for not posting about your awesome package, but I was pretty upset that you hate my 13ish year old self so much :)

    PS I'm going to send you my copy of Titanic just so I can say I wasted 3 hours of your life :)


  8. i want to leave more comments but you only allow from google accounts.


    there are many comments...but will sum it up with this: your haikus are on fire!!



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