Friday, April 30, 2010

You may notice I've turned off the WV

More darn foreign spam
The word verification
Clearly does not work


  1. got your package in the mail today. am going to open it up tomorrow night after work to kick off the weekend...i am so curious!!!!

  2. OMG Faiza you have so much self control. I couldn't have waited to open my package! AS soon as it came, as soon as it was open and being enjoyed!!
    And NO Elissa!! I don't want to re-gift anything, it was all amazing.
    When did you send it? 'Cause usually the post service sucks around here.
    I'm sending you your stuff on monday, so I'm not sure how long will it take to arrive... And I'm going market shopping on sunday so you'll get maybe some portuguese souvenirs and cute market stuff!
    Glad you like my new layout :)
    A big hug!!

  3. I am surprised that it arrived in Portugal before Canada! I thought Anaurora's would be delayed because of the unpronounceable volcano situation. Also I think I sent it a few days later. I love it when people receive the stuff I send them...I think I like it even better than receiving stuff myself.

  4. @Anaurora - Can't wait to open it tonight! The anticipation is so much fun!

    @uglygirl - I like knowing my mail has arrived too! Can't wait to open up your package!

  5. Ooh I hate those spammers grr!!

    eeeee don't you worry!! I loved my mail as you can see on my older posts :) and you will be recieving mail from me very soon! just trying to put everythign together! won't be long!! Hope to hear from you soon!! feels like I haven't talked much with you lately!! xx


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