Monday, April 5, 2010

Why quantity will rule over quality, even more than ever

When I started this,
this Cerebral Excrement,
I had a target.

I wanted to write
one haiku per day, at least
one on average.

As I approach one
year of Excrement I am
short of my target.

Hence I must produce
fifty-four little haiku
in the next three weeks.

Please excuse the crap,
the crapper than usual
shitty excrement!

At least with this post
I have conquered six of the
fifty-four haiku!


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  2. i hope you will keep writing after the year is done! you've brought haiku back into my life and i am so grateful!

  3. Ha!! Good luck on your quest :) You always do good so I expect nothing less!

  4. My little sister
    is heaps smarter than me. I
    think she's neat.


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