Sunday, April 18, 2010


Update: thanks to Jessica from one of my favourite blogs, {Black.White.Yellow}, for linking to this post on her post about security envelope patterns.

I love security envelopes (I was mocked for this last week) and I love bunting. I also love gifts in matchboxes. Here's something I made a couple of weeks ago when I should have been studying...

The matchbox is upside down to hide the identity of the recipient. The mushroom stamp is just in the pictures for additional cuteness. The "e" pattern is my favourite, of course!


  1. Oh how cute! I'm going to add your project to my post!


  2. this is SO CUTE! girlie, you've got talent!

    and the comment you left me the other day had me in STITCHES. you are hilarious! :)

  3. this is so adorable and creative, I really want to try it myself now :D

  4. so cute, my stash of security envelopes is threatening to takeover the study!

  5. i saw your bunting on the black, white, yellow post and it is awesome. i'm with you though, there is not much variety in the australian envelopes. although i have noticed that government ones tend to be more interesting than bank ones...
    the "e" one i have on a payslip somewhere, its cool!

  6. Thanks for all the sweet comments. xxx

  7. I should give it a try, I had just been recycling any security envelopes but they are going to be added to my pile of things I collect for repurposing :D Thanks for entering my giveaway, I'm following your blog now and I look forward to your giveaway whenever you get a chance. I also look forward to your letter! No rush on that since I won't be able to check my mail box til May 25th anyway since I am moving across the country.


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