Monday, April 5, 2010

How embarrassing. I have been wearing skirts all week.

Having pedicure
Girl at feet asks if I would
like my legs waxed too!


  1. Haha, I have always wanted a pedicure. So bad.
    I hadn't visited the library after I racked up a $40 overdue fine a few years ago (I lived right behind the library so I have no idea how I managed to do this). I don't know why I didn't pay it sooner, I am borrowing so much cool stuff. Hope you can find some office hours to post things and visit the library! How full is your weekly schedule?

  2. ouch! at least you have pretty feets!

  3. i hate when they say stuff like that!!!

  4. hahaha oh dear...i've never waxed my feet...just can't be bothered!

    i think only if people stare at it really closely then they'll see the tiny pedicure girl i guess?


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