Thursday, April 22, 2010

Drei Trois San

Bianca over at Goodnight Little Spoon tagged me for this three thing, and as I love making lists and have not really shared that much about myself on this blog, here goes:

Three names I go by (no, I am not called "uglygirl" to my face):
-- E
-- Campbell (usually preceded by a "Yo!")
-- Campbs (yes, somehow the silent "p" slips in there)

Three jobs I've had:
-- Macca's chick (still my longest-running job!)
-- Counting votes for the State Election
-- Medical Secretary for an Autonomic Neurologist
Three places I've lived:
-- Perth, Western Australia
-- London, England
-- Bunbury, Western Australia (for three months!) 

Three favourite drinks:
-- pink grapefruit juice
-- anything with caffeine except for black coffee
-- beer
Three TV shows I watch:
-- Big Love
-- Rage
-- Project Runway (online)

Three places I've been:
-- Japan (three times)
-- Scotland
-- Eastern Europe

Three places I'd like to visit: (I'd go anywhere!)
-- Cuba
-- Tasmania
-- China

Three favourite old TV shows:
-- Daria

Three favourite dishes:
-- Gnocchi at Cantina (my favourite restaurant)
-- Butter chicken and brinjal bhaji at Chutney's
-- Pavlova

Three make-up products I cannot live without:
-- Becca Luminous Skin Colour
-- brown powder for my eyebrows (thanks Tanya for getting me hooked on this)
-- my contact lenses 
Three things I'm looking forward to:
-- never having to sit another examination in my life (unless it's for something fun)
-- travel, travel, travel
-- cleaning my apartment

Three superpowers I wish I had:
-- The power to relieve pain
-- Flying
-- Captain Planet powers (fixing up the environment)

Three places I love to shop:
-- Pigeonhole
-- William Topp
-- Japan

Three pets I've had and their names:
-- Moooi (a cow I invented for a school project)
-- I never had a pet. 

Three bands I'd want to see on a festival line-up (as if I could pick just three):
-- The Beatles
-- Weezer
-- Foo Fighters

Three favourite comfort foods:
-- Toast with lots of butter and Vegemite or honey
-- Milky chai tea
-- Toasted cheese sandwiches (made by Mum or Dad)

Three songs currently on rotation (yes, my record collection is somewhat out of date):
-- The Pixies - Caribou
-- The Strokes - Last Night
-- The Beatles - Rocky Racoon

Three people I'm tagging:
-- Faiza of It's Gonna Be a Lovely Day
-- Anaurora of Oh Happy Place
-- Jennifer of Make Tea Not War 

Three categories I could have rocked:
-- Three favourite recipes
-- Three books I'm reading now
-- Three favourite concerts ever


  1. thanks for the tag! this is fun!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Daria, Press Gang, toasted cheese sandwiches ~ perfect afternoon!

  4. I'm such a tramp!! I hadn't come to visit your for like over a week!
    Sorry :) I do love to read you, though.
    I'll go post that thing in a while, after I'm done entering your giveaway :D

  5. OMG you tagged me hurrah! I just saw it :D :D will definitely work on this very soon ;) t'was very lovely reading this about you I love the beatles & foo fighters also! :) chai is yummy and lots of butter with vegemite is the way to do it ;)


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