Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blog Birthday!

A year of haiku.
An opportunity to
give some shit away.

Today is Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand, arguably the most important day in the Australian calendar.

It is also the one year anniversary of Cerebral Excrement, the blog. To celebrate, I am having a giveaway. I love a giveaway and this one will feature some of the things I love.

I love mail (receiving and sending, especially when the recipient posts my mail on their blog). I love reusable tote bags. I also love Aussie stationery store kikki.K. It therefore makes sense that I love this Love Mail Canvas Tote Bag from kikki.K. $1 from the sale of this bag goes to Climate Positive, which I also love. The bag is really roomy and seems quite durable.

(pictures from kikki.K)

I love magazines. The winner will choose an Australian magazine for me to send them (unless the winner is in Australia, in which case I will substitute this prize with a book, or collection of Perth zines, or a Japanese magazine from my collection, or something like that). Some Aussie magazines that seem popular with bloggers include Frankie (preview here and here), real living (preview here, here, here and here), Inside Out (preview here, here and here - plus comes with a free Rob Ryan tea towel this issue), Donna Hay Magazine (the current issue, the 50th, has the most gorgeous cover) and Cleo (recently revamped and now featuring many blogs, bloggers and DIY ideas - plus comes with a free ampersand tote bag this issue, interview with the Selby and article by the Go Fug Yourself girls).

I love good luck. The winner will receive a lucky pencil, that I used to write (and pass) my recent examination. It is pretty cute, too! I love cute stationery in general. I will include some of that too.

I love brooches and I love shopping locally. I have two brooches from local brands, including  a cute owl brooch. (Pictures will be posted later.)

I like haiku and I will write one for the winner! (Quality optional.)

To enter, just leave a comment below about something you love (that can be sent through the postal system). Get an extra entry if you are a follower of Cerebral Excrement (leave another comment if you are)! I will draw a winner on Sunday the 9th of May (GMT) so enter before then.

I am massively sleep-deprived (spent more than twelve hours today at work with no breaks) so I will probably update this later on with more prizes and pictures.


  1. How come you got no breaks?

    Also, that bag is really neat. I love re-usable bags. I'm plotting a blog post about them as soon as I finish something.

    I love flowers. I mean, I love a lot of things, but I keep thinking of flowers since I keep getting customers buying them at the store I work at. And then I keep thinking about how I've been dating my boyfriend for over 6 months and still no flowers. :( I'm sure I even mentioned it to him at least twice... and still, not even a silly flower picked from the neighbour's garden.

    I don't know why but it just keeps lurking my mind.

    P.S. Please don't fall over.

    P.P.S. I've never heard of Anzac day. Learn something new every day!

    Dori the small girl.

  2. I'm also "following" you. I also have to go to the bathroom right now, bye!!

  3. I'm a follower of course :) Happy blog birthday! I will come back and ramble about something that makes me happy when I am a little more awake. I LOVE the items you have up for grabs, such a gorgeous bag and blogging about mail is a lot of fun.

  4. Happy blog birthday darling! I'm so happy you love mail & sending & receiving it! So I"m extra happy you'll be looking forward to my letter oui? heheh!

    Wowee another fab giveaway! eek, can I enter? :)

    Everything looks so lovely! and your last gievaway was SO lovely!


  5. of course I am a follower of your blog also! x

  6. I actually did a whole post on things I love a little while back

    But for the purpose of this comment and things which can be sent in the mail (I LOVE MAIL) I will just say that I love books. A good book, a shared book, a borrowed book, a book from a friend or I book I just stumbled upon. There is nothing quite like sitting down with a book to enjoy and just let the afternoon disappear- it's exactly what I plan to do today.

  7. Awesome :) I hadn't been over here for more than a week...
    Anyway... what do I love? Uhm... since you can't send cupcakes through the postal system, I guess stationery or something like vintage mail related.
    I love reusable tote bags too! I actually use my tote bags at the supermarket instead of the supplied plastic bags for the shopping.
    Grrreat giveaway girl :)
    A big hug!!

  8. And you already know I'm a proud Cerebral Excrement follower :)

  9. I just stumbled across my blog when I realised people were visiting my blog from yours - thanks!

    Anyhow, I'd love to enter your competition. ;)

    Flying Ducks

  10. I've also just added myself as a follower.

  11. W-O-W that reusable tote bag is soo lovely<3

    What I love to be sent to me by the postman is letters! I know it's so ordinary but I love reading letters from my dearest friends.


  12. Oh I guess I'm not too late for this!! Yay! I love that bag! ha! so cute! And the donna hay magazine looks gorgeous.....

  13. what an awesome bag, it's like a massive canvas envelope :D

    i love... that moment of peace you have when the computer is off, the lights are off, any distractions are off, everything is still... and you can smile to yourself about how amazing life is.
    ...haha i hope i'm not just mad!

  14. Haaaaaappy blog birthday! Anything that ends up in my mailbox that isn't a bill, a catalogue, a flyer or propaganda for the Newcastle 'FIX OUR CITY' or 'GET RID OF THE PROSTITUTES' campaigns I love! I got a big football sock full of pencils in the mail once and I love them.
    I could never get sick of your haiku - I look forward to another year (at least!) of Cerebral Excrement.

    + I follow.

  15. let's see. i really love getting my real simple and martha stewart magazines in the mail. but my favorite thing to send or receive in the mail are thank you notes. they are sort of rare these days, but it is always sweet to show appreciation. and the stationary is so frickin' cute!

  16. I am a follower of your blog! I didn't even realise I was either, I follow to many blogs! xx

  17. I love recieving anything sendable by mail, but mostly I love postcards from holidays and hand written letters of random writing, specially when I don't know that I am expecting mail :) xx

  18. I love brooches!! So sweet and go with so much. Lovely.
    This is a fantastic giveaway, by the by :) Thanks for letting us play!!

  19. I'm also a follower via Google. Love

  20. oooo cute bag! I love receiving handwritten letters in the mail. My best friend lived in canada for a while, so it was always amazing getting a letter from her.

    eli. x


  21. I love that bag: it's exactly the sort of thing I need right now too!

    I love to receive stickers in the letters from my pen pals, wheter they're on the envelope within the writing or as a gift.

  22. Hi! You are giving away some amazing stuff! Thanks for entering our give-away (genuine incongruity) too! I love fashion magazines from other countries! Frankie looks awesome.

    I love getting postcards. Or pretty much any mail in general. I'm in college, and it's even sort of exciting to get junk mail or bills. The best are packages from my friends and family!

  23. I love everything stationery! I buy cute notebooks all the time and almost never actually use them :D I also love cute pens and other things for writing, drawing and doodling :) Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  24. Also, I've just became a follower of yours, via your RSS feed through my google reader!

  25. Hello, happy blog birthday!

    I love Polaroids. These days I take so many digital photos that I forget how perfect Polaroids are. You just point and shoot and the moment is captured in pure vintage-y style that you can instantly enjoy! :D Polaroid pictures / cameras really make me happy.

    The bag is completely adorable and the Cleo magazine looks gorgeous!

  26. you have such a lovely blog :)
    i love sending mix taps through the mail :)

    xo tiffany

  27. I love cute handmade envelopes!

  28. I love reading blogs and making comments! I saw your name in some comments you made and thought, "Why in the world call yourself "ugly girl"? And now the title of your blog boggles my mind! This is why I like bloghopping- I get to meet all sorts of interesting people! And now I've met someone who writes haikus! Honestly, it'll take some time for me to decide whether to follow you or not. But I don't think I'll forget you! Hello from the Philippines! Patsy from

  29. Oh this is such a lovely giveaway. Am I too late? I love anything that is small enough to post especially things that are handmade.

  30. Okay, no more entries. I'm going to draw a winner now!

  31. I am not sure if I am too late to this, since I am in the other side of the world, it is still Sunday here :/ I love notebooks, i just have a things for them, especially of A5 size or smaller, that might fit inside a purse, they are useful in so many ways. I even make them by myself. Congrats for your blog birthday :)

    Love from Portugal,

  32. I follow you as well :)

  33. I love my cheap caligraphy pen! It writes beautifully, and now everyone comments on my handwriting, it adds a tough of class to anything I write and I always carry it with me. Someday, I'll have enough money to justify spending $200 or more on a proper pen.


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