Monday, March 15, 2010

Stuff I like that you may like

I suddenly have twenty followers. As a thank you for reading my little poems, I am having a giveaway this week. I do not know how many people will enter (if it's not many I probably have enough stuff to send a prize to everyone) otherwise I will maybe choose one winner for everything? Or a few winners?

Gee, I am not very good at this giveaway thing.

I will not be employing any pyramid tactics (along the line of - follow my blog and blog about my blog on your blog and use that Twitter thing and facebook my blog and you can have an extra entry - although you can do all those things if you like). All you need to do to enter is comment below with some fact about yourself, why you read this blog and which prize you would choose. Bonus entries for writing (or attempting) haiku! I will choose the winner(s) using some wonderful random-choosing mechanism, sometime this weekend (which is probably Friday where you are, unless you're in Australia or NZ). All prizes will be accompanied by bonus goodies (like stationery and haiku) and, if you are foreign, Australian treasures.

First item is for the tiger-loving tramps, a "Tiger Milk" print by Perth artist Sean Morris. It measures 19x25cm (about 8x10 inches) and is black ink on a white background (not grey as demonstrated by my dodgy photography). I picked this up at one of my favourite stores, William Topp.

Second is the Pigeon prize - something to hang in your home plus something to hang on your ears. Well, the birds on the mobile are probably not pigeons because they're not crapping on anything but you could add that in with some correction fluid. The cardboard mobile is also from William Topp and the tiny heart earrings are from Perth's Pigeonhole. Do not be misled by the giant pencil in the background - the earrings are tiny but not teeny-tiny.

Next is the Parliament prize. What a hoot! This includes a pretty parliament of amigurumi owls by Perth's Mel P Designs and a wooden brooch by Perth's White Square. Both were purchased at markets last weekend when I should have been studying. I may have to keep one of the crocheted cuties for myself so the prize will be one owl short.

The Paper Prize - a Dena Drake felt paper plane brooch from the Moose: Art for Living stall at last week's Unwrapped market, accompanied by a selection of stationery including an O-Check notebook and some Japanese masking tape! That's right, bitches, washi tape!

The Bicycle Booty - this includes a bicycle tote bag and some blue bicycle paper clips from kikki.K. n.b. You do not need to cycle to appreciate this prize.

Bag-lady Booty - this is a vintage handbag I purchased at Safehouse by Boniko. It jumped of the shelf when I walked past and I just had to buy it. (Also, check out their website for a giggle.) The bag will contain some secret bag-lady gems for the winner.

The last of the lovely loot is the "Bad Girl" booty - this prize will contain this Russell Leonard tea towel from Moose and some surprise stuff suitable for a naughty girl. I have a Russell Leonard tea towel and can attest to its generous size and ability to absorb.

Darn, now that I've posted it, I want to keep everything for myself. However, it is all for YOU my lovelies (except the one little owl I'm going to steal). If you win something and don't want it, it is exchangeable for a handmade, handwritten haiku book. Also, there's probably stuff I've forgotten to post so keep checking throughout the week.


  1. oh my frick!
    Why are you spoiling/torturing your readers? So many yummy prizes- so hard to choose a fave. Quit it with the awesomeness. I'd probably keep them all myself and say screw off to my fickle readers.

    I heart you, and cerebral excrement.
    First: originality.
    yours stands out against all the noise.

    Second: witty poems.
    R.e.: menstruation - what's the worst?
    The diarrhoea,
    Debilitating cramps, or
    Pervasive fatigue.

    Third: the header!
    nuff said.

    ode to excrement
    with dash of insanity
    my faves to visit

    I'm torn btwn the paper prize & bicycle booty. If i win, I'd like it to be a surprise.

    Happy monday!

  2. Ohhhh.... This is so rad :)

    First, I love your blog mainly because of the haikus, it's the only blog I read that has haikus, great sense of humour and it's very distracting :D

    Fact (oddity fits better) about myself: In my food, I don't like the juices mixing unless I mean it to be that way.

    I don't know what I would choose, everything is so appealing, but probably the bicycle tote bag and Australian goodies :) Yeah
    If I win, I'd like it too to be a surprise.

    This blog allures me
    this giveaway makes me feel
    monday's a good day.

    Have a lovely day and lost of fun :)

  3. my name means "winner"
    and your birdcage and haikus
    make me smile real tall

  4. I was so shocked by your giveaway. I forgot to tell you a little something about me.
    My father wanted to name me Fredrika after himself (fred). My mom fortunately won the coin toss and named me Melody. :-)

  5. 1. Thank you for the heads up on your awesome giveaway
    2. Holy crap is all of this pure awesomeness now for the important stuff
    I read your blog cause I was super lucky to get to send you some stuff (except I will feel guilty if I win cause you will send me way better stuff than I sent you)
    Something about me- One of my favorite foods is Macaroni & Cheese with hotdogs in it.
    I'm not sure which lovely prize I'd choose, they're all really freaking amazing, and I'm jealous that you're able to pick it all up close to your home!

  6. What a fabulous giveaway! Count me in of course :) I love all of those things, they're all me favourite stores! I'm not sure which one I'd pick either! eek! hehe

    My name is Jennifer,
    I am 20 also from Perth, studying Journalism & Photography. Moving to Melbourne in June. :)

    I read your blog because when you first commented my blog and find me I was so excited to know that someone else is from Perth too! Plus your blog is exquisite, nice and simple (which is what I love the most) and everything you post about is lovely!

    I'm not very good with Haiku poems, I use to be when I was in High school. Boo ~ I forgot how it works but I would love to make one up but it would suck. Hehe :)

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!


  7. wowsers, you generous girl you. I would keep it all for myself. So fact about me, well I would keep it all to myself because i'm an only child and you know what we are like with sharing. :)

  8. i'm a big fat mess
    your honesty and wit keeps
    me coming back, yay!

    i ♥ the owl or paper plane pin.

    my best friend loves owls
    but you've sent me so much stuff
    someone else's turn?

  9. Holy crap, what a generous giveaway. I really think every item is fantastic, but I can't help but be a little swayed by the Paper prize.

    I read this blog because your haikus make me giggle, you write fascinating things and I think you are lovely.

    Hmm, a fact huh? I always use the same facts for these kind of questions; I have two different coloured eyes and I am an incessant nail biter.

    I'm bad at haiku;

    Here’s five syllables
    And here’s seven syllables
    And that’s my haiku


  10. I read your blog because it makes me think about things and I think this is a very good thing.

    birds fly around here
    wings flutter dreaming of clouds
    clouds deign politeness

  11. Okay I think I get the point on how to do a haiku!

    first line 4 words, second line 5 words and third line 3 word, right? :p

    heres one I just made up to add to my comment!

    "pondering around the woods
    feeling so alone in here
    rescue me please"

    Hehe, just feeling a little emotional right now so that suit my mood at the moment! Hope you don't think its crap :P


  12. Hi, I'm Dori! This is my entry.

    A fact about me is that I'm really good at fixing broken and bent paper clips. Also, I just found your blog through another blogger so I'm your newest follower at the moment.

    Here are my haiku poems:
    chasing after you
    is worth the broken ankles.
    until I prevail.
    as my stomach speaks,
    i notice today,
    i haven't eaten.

    (originally used the word realize instead of notice. realize is actually 3 syllables? haha)
    i'm really happy,
    although at the same moment,
    i'm extremely sad.

    (originally used the word actually instead of extremely. one source said it had 3 syllables and another said 4.)

    I really liked writing these! I think I'll post them in my blog - and refer to your giveaway also. :)

  13. The winners...

    Me Melodia - bicycle booty
    Anaurora H - bicycle booty (I bought two!)
    Faiza - pigeon prize
    Cole - bad girl prize
    Thy Lady J - surprise prize
    74 Lime Lane - parliament prize
    W&M - special prize for person who does not want prize
    Bianca - paper prize (of course!)
    Polka Dot Rabbit - send me your address!
    Dori - surprise prize
    Drollgirl - send me your address!

    I tried to match people with their preferences and with things I thought
    they'd like, based on their own blogs, flickrs, etc. I decided to keep the tiger milk print for myself. And the handbag turns out to be horrendously heavy and the postage will be ridiculous even domestically.

    You guys have such pretty names!


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