Sunday, March 14, 2010

Please give me advice r.e. typewriters

 Image from Perth Zine Collective

Last week, I attended the Letter Writing Club run by the Perth Zine Collective, held at Pigeonhole's cosy Cabin Fever space. It was a bit stuffy (the venue, not the crowd) and my letter to D may have been a bit nonsensical due to cerebral hypoxia, but I did manage to produce a few pages of writing, drawings and silly typography. I left early (to study) so I missed walking to the letterbox with everyone at the end of the night.

On a related note, I went to the post office last week to buy stamps. The woman serving me asked if they were for something special and I foolishly replied that they were not (all of my mail is special, right?) to which she responded, "I would have gotten you some nice ones if they were for invitations or something." Darn! Instead, I received 20 stamps of Australian authors. Rachael, the zine-Queen who organised the Letter Writing Club, shared this link with me about the "white-male-Anglo-Saxonish" vibe of the stamps. What I find astounding is that they are all wearing very casual dress. (You can see the stamps at the link above - I have the coloured ones.) I mean, if your noggin is going to be flying around the world, at least wear a tie. Maybe, being writers, they usually work in their underwear and therefore a polo shirt is the height of formality.

Some of the letter writers had portable typewriters and now I really want one. Fortunately, my family are hoarders and my mother still has her pre-electrical typewriter but I would still like to pick up a portable number (if it turns out that Aunty Shirley doesn't have my Pop's old one lying around somewhere, which she probably does, owing to the hoarding thing). Does anyone have advice on what to buy? I see mainly Brother and Olivetti models on Aussie eBay.

Thanks all for reading. I have taken photos for the giveaway but my place is so messy that I lost my camera before I uploaded them. Oops.


  1. Olivettis are the holy grail, but super rare and expensive. They always get bid up last minute on ebay. I have a portable Royal Quiet Deluxe. I quite like it. It comes with a carrying case. Smith Corona is another good portable brand. Good luck!

  2. pretty much any typewriter that is a) solid; b) works with no dodgy keys; and c) is not too heavy, gets the thumbs up from me.


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