Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Package Project

The Package Project is based on the Lovely Package Exchange of Oh, Hello Friend. It is being organised by Cupcake Couture out of South Africa and is open to participants worldwide. I obviously love sending (and receiving) packages so I will be signing up for this.

Here are some of my packages...

...and some of my blank cards:


  1. SO CUTE!!! who doesn't love getting adorable packages?! they are the best! :0

  2. oh this sounds like fun! and yes YAY! i did receive your lovely package today! thank you thank you! such a treat, and loved the added sticky note commentary touch - made if feel like we were actually having a virtual conversation over coffee and perusing magazines.

    so sweet of you to send.

    and thanks for the lovely cupcake surprise in the back!



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