Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In lieu of haiku

Well, in lieu of my own haiku, I am going to post the haiku from the giveaway entries! The bicycle tote is the early front-runner (front-cycler?) for first prize; it's a good thing I bought two of them. I had fun buying classic Aussie souvenirs during my lunch break (I had a lunch break!) today.

The first poem is by would-be Fredrika, the famous Miss Melody:

ode to excrement
with dash of insanity
my faves to visit

Next is by Anaurora, a fellow Capricorn whose interests include world peace. She lives in Portugal and writes short stories (and now, haiku!). I'm glad to brighten someone's Monday:

This blog allures me
this giveaway makes me feel
monday's a good day.

Last but not least, Faiza, whose name makes winning a fait accompli:

my name means "winner"
and your birdcage and haikus
make me smile real tall

Thanks for the haiku!
Everyone else, hurry
up and write one too!

Please enter my game
Then I will feel loved and you
Can have some cool stuff.


  1. you are loved and hilarious!

  2. You Are Awesome! I'm digging this giveaway so much! I want to be the lucky winner... Please?

  3. these are pretty frakking fab!


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