Sunday, February 21, 2010

Special K box

One of the K Team has her birthday this week, so I bought her a little present that she was admiring when we went to Pigeonhole. I covered a matchbox in brown paper yesterday and was pondering how to decorate it. I took a study break in Northbridge for lunch/coffee/guilty shopping and found the perfect solution - Lala Orange had mt Japanese masking tape on sale! I bought a five pack (okay, and a couple of pairs) and used some of the different widths to decorate my little matchbox. I topped it off with a "k" sticker from kikki.K and of course I finished it off with my label machine.

Open it up...and there's some tissue paper I recycled from my Knick Knack Exchange gift.

Little heart earrings! I hope she likes it.


  1. That is so sweet. I adore Lala Orange, you've reminded me to go visit that store again (:

  2. I discovered you blog through Bianca's Good Night Little Spoon blog and I've been reading it for the last hour and I think it's awesome!! Great blog!! I'm loving it!
    And loving the matchbox present.

  3. I love all the ways I see matchbooks decorated in blog land lately!! What a fun way to wrap a gift!! Those earrings are cute too!

  4. awwww nice nice! i love the little hearts wrapping paper. opening pretty packages like that makes my heart flutter!!


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