Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lame haiku

My cerebral excrement has overflowed into verbal diarrhoea, so take cover. (NB: for non-medics, overflow diarrhoea is a side effect of constipation. Happy Valentine's Day.)

I have had two new interns working with me the past fortnight. They are both cute little blondes and their names both begin with K and contain the letters r, e and i. Inevitably, people mix them up or think that they are one extremely efficient person. (I had a similar problem with my previous intern, who had an identical twin that also worked as an intern in our department. On their first day, they wore identical shirts, despite living together and having ample opportunity to compare outfits. Fortunately, one grew a goatee so it was possible to tell apart the good one and the evil one.)

The Ks have been working extra hard (so that I can run off and attend my tutorials) so I gave them these little Valentine's-themed gifts. (They contain fun-sized Cherry Ripe bars, in case you're wondering. Both of them declared Cherry Ripe to be "the best chocolate".) For one, I wrote her a list of shoe shops in Perth, as she has just moved here and only has one pair of shoes. For the other, I wrote her a haiku about writing her a haiku*. She loved her bakers twine so much that she wore it around her wrist all day and made Kabbalah jokes. 

Making cards and gift wrap has to be the best way to misappropriate your own study supplies. Just add a label-maker thingy, heart hole-punch, heart stickers and stamp, recycled gift wrap, novelty scissors and twine.

*I don't have a list
Of shoe shops for you so I
wrote you this haiku.


  1. This is so sweet! I love how you've packaged them! And cherry ripes are awesome hehe!

  2. Happy Valentine's love the packaging! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are neat!


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