Sunday, January 24, 2010

This calls for a haiku-off

Has anyone seen the nominations for this year's Bloggies? Don't bother unless you are a mummy/mommy to young children, a nauseating newlywed or a hardcore cyclist.

Having said that, I did discover one NZ blog that, far from making me want to drown kittens and tattoo "FUCK OFF" on my forehead, had me clicking on its "Archive" button. With features like "Wieners of the Week" and statements like, "And now I look like a Greek banker and smell like a five-dollar whore," you know you want to click over to today is my birthday. She has even written a haiku for each of her past lovers. Although, "lovers" may not be the most accurate term. "People she's fucked" may be better. (Look at me, so much expletive use and it's not even 9am. On a Sunday. Fuck! Why a I up so early on a Sunday? I'm going back to bed.)

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  1. So it seems I've been blogging all wrong.

    Better run out and send for a mail-order groom, find out which adoption agency angelina shops at and buy a bike, pronto!


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