Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nice Package

Last week I received a surprise in the post - a Christmas gift (well, it was wrapped in Christmas paper) from my uni bestie, Mr Doink. He gives excellent presents - once, he gave me a roll of gaffer tape, citing its utility for mending torn clothes. This time, he sent a fun Gin & Titonic ice cube mould plus some smiling ghost magnets from Melbourne's HMC Designs. The magnets have been useful for attaching my study timetable to the metal strips I hung over my desk last weekend after moving my desk.

Where he outdid himself was with the card. I hope he doesn't mind me sharing it with you. The message isn't too personal. Unless I read into the fact that it is a sticky note advertising a cervical cancer vaccine, that I can't even get any more (unless I pay for it) because I'M TOO OLD. (Also, I wonder if he forgot that I don't take drug company freebies.)

I hope he doesn't think I'm being ungrateful! I love my present, Dave. I hope you loved yours too. Can't wait until next Christmas.

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