Thursday, January 28, 2010

More auctions for Haiti

Remember how I posted about buying stuff in support of Haiti and how it made me feel like a privileged wanker? One of the sites, Switch Cities, raised so much money that they're having a second auction. The prints are massive (I thought the sizes must be in centimetres despite being American but they're really inches - c'mon ladies, how often do you get a pleasant surprise like that!) and the bidding starts ridiculously low. All of the proceeds are going to charity with no profits to the photographers. Go here to bid on beauties like these (by Marina Miller, top, and Jonas Peterson, below).

There's a similar auction, with proceeds to Hope for Haiti Now, over at Erin Lassahn Photography. Bids on these pretties start at US$10 and as I write this, some photos don't have any bids (such as this 13x13 print by Steven Kim, below)!

Adorn your walls and support an extremely worthy cause while you do it (and lose some middle class guilt).

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  1. Yay i won. I won. The Kevin Russ print of the horses. Excited


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