Sunday, January 17, 2010


Met for lunch yesterday with friends (three of whom are called D. Not as confusing as anticipated.) Exchanged gifts (mostly I received but did manage to give out a few belated Christmas and early birthday presents). I took my camera along but forgot to photograph people as I was too distracted by the gifts. My gifts were all beautifully wrapped and for some reason, the wrapping all matched. (The water bottle was not a gift, it was just there to provide us with drinking water.)

The gift wrapping from *ware always includes a little ladybug

Love this paper (almost as much as what was within)
Little love heart cutouts. (There are also little love heart cutouts in my earrings, below, although they're too small to see in the photo.)

As always, apologies for the bodgy photography. I have an owl dish from Have You Met Miss Jones (thanks D), some Aesop hand wash and True Blood Season One (thanks S&J, more study procrastination but at least my hands will be clean), teapot and teacup earrings from Morgan and Jane and an "E" ring (thanks D, who came all the way from Melbourne), a moonface ring (made of BONE - thanks D) and a measuring tape bangle, also from Melbourne, sent over by Kathy. Also scored a pretty set of bowls but forgot to photograph them (but thanks, Mel).

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