Saturday, January 9, 2010

Feeling blue

Across the road from my bus stop there is a lighting store and standing in its window are two Jielde loft lamps, facing each other. One is taller than the other, and the shorter one lowers its head, as if a child being scolded by its mother lamp. I don't have a photo of the window display but instead here is a picture from the Jielde website of the same lamps and their family driving a car (note the little lamps sitting in the backseat sticking their heads out of the window):

This has made me covet a powder blue Loft lamp, such as the one below (except that I would not make it pose for nudie shots, which is obviously what it is doing in this photo, also from the Jielde website).

It can make friends with the blue Eames chair I'm going to buy myself after I've cleaned my apartment.

Photo Anemi Hotels via Poppytalk Handmade via AT

I hope you enjoyed this exercise in furniture personification.

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  1. I have the chairs, now I just need the lamp (except the store closed down and I'm not sure there are any stockists in WA any more).


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