Friday, January 1, 2010

Paper Whistle

Last week I was very excited to receive these prints I ordered from Paper Whistle. Despite the postie's best efforts to squash and rip them, they arrived intact. I found some temporary frames for them and am yet to decide where to hang them. As always, the prints look much better in real life than in my shabby photo. I especially like the illustration in the middle, Secret Source, as it reminds me of my mother in the 1980s (in photos where she is holding me as a baby). Of course, she did not have coloured rays emanating from her forehead. The prints I bought are all from the Dark Crystal series. Brandi Strickland, the artist, sent me some emails when I was having problems placing my order and also sent me a polite little note with my prints. She seems to be a real sweetie, as well as a talent! Go to the Paper Whistle site to have a better look at her work and maybe sign up for her blog and buy something at the store, so you can be like me.

By the way, if you're wondering how my wall o' photos is looking, I bought some frames in the post-Christmas sales and am busy adding prints I've acquired in recent months.

Prints are about to eat the fridge.

Here's a gap left after a print mysteriously fell off the wall for the second time, trying to squash my little Christmas tree. Good thing it missed the liquor!

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