Thursday, January 7, 2010

Best bloody giveaway win ever

When I found out I'd won, I was so excited I almost left a wet patch on the couch. The giveaway was to celebrate, the website of designer and illustrator Jez Burrows (no shit). I have loved his blog, Woods, ever since I bought his Pocket Town print, and now he has a whole website. His work has been in the NY Times magazine, Monocle and Time (amongst others) if that's the sort of thing that impresses you.

The prize came in a giant tube from Edinburgh. My sister picked it up from the post office for me on Christmas Eve and brought it along on Christmas Day when I met my family after work. Don't tell my family but I was more excited about opening that tube than their Christmas presents. My Dad was full of curiosity. "Intriguing," he said, "A package from Scotland." (PS my dad is originally Scottish.) Contents of the tube? A zine by Sing Statistics, this little lovely, a poster (in the blurry photo below) and a giant print:

Anyway, I was super-excited. "What are you going to do with that?" asked my Dad as I unpacked the tube. (PS my dad is into those paintings of outback scenes with a guy sitting outside a bush shack, heating up a billy.)

Check out the website, blog and flickr. Buy this and this, make this your screensaver and your life will be better.  (Trust me, I'm a doctor.)

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