Saturday, December 26, 2009


As we move into the new year I am going to be nauseatingly, saccharin sweet and reflect on some things for which I have been grateful in 2009...on this blog I will post about some of the giveaways I've won this year. I've already posted about some here and here and here.

This is a letterpress notelet from Bread of Many, that I won via the lovely Poppytalk blog. My photo doesn't capture the three dimensional texture of the print very well but you can imagine it. Bread of Many has a gorgeous blog and etsy store. Thanks to Haley of Bread of Many, plus Jan and Earl from Poppytalk, for this giveaway.

Xotica + wrestling costumes

Little Sarah wrapped my Christmas present very well indeed. She presented me with a box-shaped gift wrapped in phone book paper torn from the White Pages. There was a white envelope tied onto it with green ribbon and a large serif "E" cut out from the phone book paper stuck onto the envelope. I opened the envelope, expecting a card but instead it was full of tipping money for Xotica, a local strip club. I took a closer look at the green ribbon, which was printed with "Crabtree & Evelyn". Hmm...I was a bit disappointed, seeing as Sarah knows so well the sort of stuff I like. I removed the paper, expecting to see some toiletries or smelly stuff. However, I was greeted by an old shoe box. Aah, decoy wrapping! I opened the box and pulled out a leotard-bodysuit-type-thing made of silver lame.

"You'll wear that, won't you?" Sarah asked me, eyes wide. "Um, sure," I responded and feigned enthusiasm. I removed the next item from the box - a hot pink sequin elastic boob tube (aka tube top). Again, something I would never wear. I held it up to my front, confirming that there was no way it would stretch enough to fit over my boobs. "Uh, thanks," I told a grinning Sarah as I tried to look delighted. There was another item in the box, wrapped in red and white polka dot paper. I began to unwrap it and recognised a familiar black box inside. "Ooh, what is this?" I asked. "You know what it is," Sarah replied. It was a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses I had been coveting but decided not to buy because I felt guilty about having so many sunglasses already. I had recognised the box because I've already bought six pairs myself (including one that I lost and one that I gave to Sarah as a gift because I don't want her getting wrinkles from squinting at the sun). She explained that the leotard and boob tube were regrettable late-night drunken online purchases that she never wore (although she did grab them back from me quick smart...)

Thank you so much Little Sarah! You are awesome.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Check out Mr Hooper at 1:39!

I need to watch me more Sesame Street

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas medley

Fa la la la la
When the snow lay round about
Jingle all the way

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Remember how people used to send telegrams?*

Phone call from UK.
My voice echoed. His was loud.
My ears are ringing.

*If you do, I wonder how you came to be reading this blog

Probably the only photo of me that you'll ever see on this blog.

More festivitiousness: this is a little package that I sent to Grace of Woolgathering & Miscellany. I hope she enjoys eating those chocolates as much as I enjoyed packaging them. Moral of the story is, follow my blog and I will send you shit. I really love that Dymo labeller.


Oh, look, I'm so festive. (Did I mention I'm working 9 hours on Christmas Day?)

That is either a teeny tiny tree or those presents are all huge. I don't know why I thought the Yellow Pages would make good wrapping paper (sorry, Dea). Check out my cute little knitted plum pudding in there. Purchased from the hospital volunteers at my work for $4. I saw similar ones in a store last night for $20 each! And they weren't even filled with lollies!

Procrastination is getting me down...time to wrap more shit

I have a failure.
No, I am a failure. Or,
Have I merely failed?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Yesterday's haiku (yes, I am a day behind)

Indeed, I did sweep.
For mother and father were
Visiting today.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chocolate Cock

What every (straight) girl (and gay man) should get for Christmas

Get yours here (on sale!).

Procrastination is posting on this blog


My friend Sarah has this ridiculous rule that you cannot exchange Christmas presents until Christmas Eve, even though you are not going to open them until Christmas Day anyway. Maybe she's worried she'll guess what's under the wrapping? I hope she reads this and figures it out. Note my ongoing obsession with my Dymo labeller and twine and shit. The wrapping paper is by Gemma Correll from Frankie Magazine.

In other procrastination activities, I made this Peppermint Bark by adapting the recipe from The City Sage. Of course, being Perth at Christmastime, I can only take this crap out of the fridge for about 10 seconds before it melts.

on yesterday

Forgot my haiku!
At least it gives me today's
Material. Shit!