Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Look Mum, I made something

Usually, the things I make are not very tangible (decisions, mistakes, purchases...) unless I am making a mess.

Recently, I made something as part of a Pay It Forward (I still need two more payees, if you want something of dubious quality, handmade by me, tempered by something more awesome not made by me) for G. of the wonderful Woolgathering & Miscellany. As I love all things stationery (and inspired by this post on W&M) I decided to make some personalised gift tags. Only problem, I needed a little heart-shaped stamp. I searched every stationery and craft store in Perth city with no luck. The girl in Kikki K lied to me and said they were no longer making these. Almost defeated, I went home and found an eraser unused since high school days (as I'm not allowed to erase my errors these days - I have to strike them out and take ownership by initialling them) and got to work with a scalpel. Yay. I made a stamp. And then I made gift tags (much cooler photo by G. here). I've never been prouder, except in school when I came top in my cooking class.


My possibly favourite blog of all time has moved to a new address. 

My building has a communal swimming pool and the weather was hot today

Pale, skinny people
Standing by the pool, shirtless.
Reflections blind me.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gosh, my day was exciting

I wore white trousers
I spilt brown coffee dregs all
The way down the front

Weird stuff I did in my dreams last night

Took an overdose, and then
Got a parking fine.