Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stupid viral URTI

Karaoke +
Sick throat = voice like an
Adolescent boy

Hijirik Studio giveaway on modernemotive blog

Adele from modernemotive (an eco-friendly stationery company) has a "papercuts" series on her blog, profiling artists who use paper as a medium. (Loving the hand-written font in her header.) The latest artist is Hijiri from Hijirik Studio, who is offering a giveaway of one of her "Live What You Love" prints via the modernemotive blog. These prints seem universally loved in the blog world. Check it out (and her enviable studio) in the profile.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Another trial limerick*

There once was a doctor called Young
Who'd yell at the top of her lungs
She had all the answers
Until she got cancer
And now she holds onto her tongue

*This isn't very nice for a birthday limerick. Maybe I could use it as an anti-smoking jingle next time she lights up.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sarah wants me to sing her a limerick for her birthday. Here's a draft.

There was a young lady called Sarah
In the hospital, there was none fairer
She was bubbly and shrill
And easy to thrill
Especially after a few beers

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The best picture. Ever.

The best picture ever, by Richard Hogg via Booooooom

Mister Balloon Man
Everytime I see you
My face makes a smile

If I were 2D
I would absolutely have
Your balloon babies

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Down & Out Chic + The Mineralista

Earlier this year, I won a giveaway via the Down and Out Chic blog - the Peacock collection of mineral eyeshadows from The Mineralista. The colours are inspired by the colours of a peacock feather (as seen in their picture above).

Here they are piled up on my couch (top to bottom): Peacock Lime, Peacock Blue, Peacock Green, Black out, Peacock Midnight and Peacock Purple.
The colours were really intense as in the photo (sorry, I'm not showing my face on this blog) and they're really well-priced (especially if you're in the US) and they came in a sweet little organza pouch (even though they'd spilt out a bit...I'm talking to you, Peacock Green). Thanks, Christina and thanks Mineralista.

Laura Adel Johnson and balls

On Saturday I attended a ball (for work, organised by a couple of my friends) that featured topless male waiters, a firebreather, a European/Middle Eastern folk band, taxidermy and the intimidating security staff of the Art Gallery of WA. Despite all this entertainment, my favourite part (apart from spending time with friends, enjoying quality food, blah, blah, blah) was a lighting installation by local artist Laura Adel Johnson. I may have had a few cocktails before I took these photos but you can see better pictures of her work at her blog and the Inside Out blog where she was featured in June.

Multistorey carpark...

Round and round and round
Round and round and round and round
Round and round and park

...vs public transport

An unpleasant man
Expectorated near me
Then passed wind. Loudly.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Blissfully boring shift

Five hours, no pages.
Instead, TV and reading
Journal articles.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Anna Moller Giveaway at Simple Blueprint

Disgruntled chicken
Little yellow beak in front
Confused expression

Joanna of the Simple Blueprint blog is having a giveaway of two lovely prints by photographer Anna Moller. This led me to Anna Moller's portfolio and my favourite photo (above) inspired a haiku. Usually photos with kids creep me out a little (maybe because I don't have any children of my own) but this one is fabulous. There are great interior shots and portraits in her portfolio too, all evoking a beautiful atmosphere.

Unrealistic study aims

Internal med is
An overwhelming topic
To learn in 2 months

These are a few of my favourite...bitchy blogs

Those who know me well will happily tell you that I'm a cynical bitch. English is only my second language; sarcasm is my first. Here are three of my favourite "snarky" blogs:

A recent favourite of mine. I can't be bothered describing it so I'll just copy off the site

'People post ridiculous "art" to Tumblr which often consists of a photo with "meaningful" text overlaid. These pieces frequently make it into Popular. We reblog them here and call them out for being stupid. Written by Garrett Murray.'

Stalwarts in the bitchy game, these girls mock celebrity fashion. My faves are when they write dialogue for pairs or groups of people that are photographed together (eg the Harry Potter cast, or this example with Beyonce and mini-Beyonce.)

The victim here is interior decorating. Often the interiors are ones that I've seen before and made into favourites. Sometimes they are tragic, like the one above.

Coming home from the ball

Standing on a train
Is difficult after a
Few beverages