Saturday, June 20, 2009


I gulp and stutter.
Speech impedes breathing as I
try to tell you tha-

Yet another whinge about my stupid viral illness

My nose burns when I
Inhale, although I have not
Taken any speed.

(Sometimes I wish more
people would follow my blog
[for my self esteem])

Friday, June 19, 2009

New stuff

I was planning to have a clothes swap party (except I think all my friends are smaller than me and some are exceptionally little) and now it appears that Oxfam is launching the concept (they're calling it "Exchange for Change") in September so I guess I'll hold off until then.

PS it's World Refugee Day tomorrow - here's some emails on the topic I received and deleted
read earlier today, with links to how you can take action.

Next up is the KeepCup, a Melbourne invention that I discovered via Apartment Therapy. It's a reusable, unbreakable coffee cup that comes in standard takeaway coffee sizes and doesn't compromise the quality of the coffee, or so they claim. (Organic, fairtrade coffee, of course.) I'm getting the baby above and friends are getting other colours for birthday pressies.

Suboptimal reasons for sleeping with random guys

Gave you a lift home.
Wearing Bloc Party t-shirt.
Felt sorry for him.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

More whinge r.e. non-descript viral illness

Nausea, headache,
Myalgia, vomiting,
Abdominal cramps.

The life you can save

I've just finished reading The Life You Can Save by Peter Singer. I'm unsure why his noggin is on the front of the book (it is not his life you are supposed to be saving). Anyway, in this book Singer presents arguments as to why it is morally wrong for those of us in wealthy countries to NOT give some of our wealth to save the lives of those living in extreme poverty.

Singer makes things very easy for us by publishing a matrix of the minimum we should be giving, based on level of income and purchasing power of your currency. Here is part of the matrix for Australia:

Income Bracket Donation
Less than 154 000 AUD At least 1% of your income, getting closer to 5% as your income approaches 154 000 AUD
154 001 AUD 218 000 AUD 5%
218 001 AUD 563 000 AUD 5% of the first 218 000 AUD and 10% of the remainder
563 001 AUD 883 000 AUD 5% of the first 218 000 AUD, 10% of the next 345 000 AUD and 15% of the remainder

He also recommends organisations to which you should donate. Some of the organisations use randomised control trials to ensure that donations are making a difference!

Now, I know I should donate my money to pay for cataract surgery for 5 impoverished people...

...instead of buying these

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why I like this photo

Clean, white, elfin crop
Lavender print summer dress
Rolled-up blazer sleeves

Open-mouthed smile, a
Giant safety pin, and those
Fantastic brown shoes.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sarah helped me bake

Warm, chewy and sweet
Straight out of the oven come
Chocolate chip biscuits .

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mmm cake

I won a giveaway from My Life, My Loves. Sharnel, who writes the blog, is a fan of grosgrain ribbon (me too - well, who isn't?), Dirty Dancing and Jenny Morris. Also, it would seem, she runs a cupcake company in Brisbane called The Cupcake Company. Their blog is pure cupcake porn. (Not in an R-rated way! In a pink frosting, silver cachou and cake tier way.) Check it out! And if you're in Brisbane, order some cupcakes and tell me what they taste like!

(Image via The Cupcake Company)

Stuff bloggers like...Part 1

, bicycles,
Letterpress stationery,
Balloons and drawings.

Polaroids, mirrors,
Inspiration walls, Eames chairs
and cherry blossoms.

Images: The Art of Jordan, Distillate, Sycamore Street Press, Two Brunettes, via kelly + olive, Oh, Hello Friend, Usta Giremez, The Selby, SFGirlbyBay via Shiny Squirrel

(As if to prove my point, as I was writing this haiku, you are my fave posted this about letterpress, bicycles and polaroids.)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

stupid lame symptoms and nothing good on TV

I want to vomit.
Burning chest. Bad taste in mouth.
Head aches. Tummy too.