Saturday, May 16, 2009

Photo wall

I have a wall of pictures in my living room that is a work in progress. It includes art that I've bought when travelling, in Perth and off the net, plus photos, posters, some vintage items and ephemera. The positioning of the pieces was not planned and they're hung pretty close together to compensate for this.

One of the photos I picked up in a cafe in Portland. It's of Seattle by a Seattle-based photographer. You can see her web portfolio here. One of my favourite photos is this one.

A print that I also picked up in Portland is by Apak Studio. Aaron and Ayumi are a husband and wife team who make sweet prints with little characters like the ones in these examples. They have an Etsy store and a blog too.

Gee i am lazy and need to get outdoors

Sunlight is streaming
Through my balcony window
And I am inside

Friday, May 15, 2009

Why I will vote YES for daylight saving in summer

I leave work after
The sun has already set.
Darkness depresses.


I had a half-day off work today so I planned to sleep and clean my apartment (or "decrap" it, of all the crap that's lying around). Of course, such well-meaning plans were never going to come into fruition. Instead, on my way home from work I stopped by Effie's Emporium, one of the "antiques" stores on James St in Guildford. It's a few doors down from the "Museum of Taxidermy" sign. I was attracted by some Thonet-looking bentwood cafe chairs displayed on the sidewalk but in person they were a bit manky. However, there is always heaps of stuff in there I want to buy (and very reasonably priced). I picked up a Singer treadle sewing machine for my mother (she has wanted one for years) and a glass dish ($5) and mirrored silver tray for myself. The proprietor (and her neighbours) were lovely and I'd recommend this store.

Carboot tied shut, I headed a block down the street to the rest of the stores (the only name I remember is Curio Warehouse) and picked up another mirrored tray (Art Deco with etching of a cocktail shaker and martini glass on it...I have a bit of a collection), some sweet bird paintings and the cutest little bottle. Hence the terrible photos.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yup, another daily haiku

The apostrophe:
It's a wonderful device
When used correctly.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm making pizza and (refrigerating) beer.

The supermarket.
Aisles of plastic-wrapped produce.
Can't beat the real thing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guide for Visitors to Perth Part 1 - City of Perth

For the shallow who wish to eat stuff, look at pretty things and buy shit.

If you start at Murray Street Mall and head west down Murray Street (past the intersection with William St), you will come across Tiger Tiger (great cafe), El Dorado (clothes), Miin (local clothes designer) and the Belgian Beer Cafe, which marks the intersection with King Street. Also here is Varga Girl (local labels + vintage +others). A few doors further west is form, a gallery and design store. You can quickly detour north up King St to Love in Tokyo (Fremantle designer), Zekka, Billie & Rose and Cult Status, then just around the corner to the east on Wellington St is Dilettante (local and international designer fashion with cool shop fitout). Turn south down King St (between Murray and Hay) for Subway DC, Periscope (local fashion labels) and Wasteland (upstairs above King St Cafe, with a gallery as well as clothes definitely worth the trek upstairs). Zomp Shoes has the best sale that seems to be on permanently. Ignore Louis Vuitton, Tiffany's, Bally, etc. Instead, save your money for more local stuff. Turn west (right) up Hay St until you hit a little pedestrian alley called Shafto Lane. Here you'll find the wonderful Pigeonhole (jewellery, clothes, cameras, art from locally, Korea, Scandinavia, etc) and tu, another local designer.

From Shafto Lane, head back to William Street and cross the train tracks to get to Northbridge. This site has a map with all the places to visit and the links of individual businesses. The street is full of little independent clothes and art retailers and has managed to remain free from chain stores. The local LGBT press "Out in Perth" provides these handy guides to food and shopping in Northbridge (recommended even if you're straight like me).

Right next to the Perth Train Station, visit the Art Gallery of WA, which also has an excellent store. There are weekend markets next to the Art Gallery that are admittedly a bit lame. It would be remiss of me not to mention the PICA, which has a fine gallery.

Seasonally, in the Perth Town Hall, is the Perth Upmarket, a design and craft market.

Also around the city centre is King's Park, which is probably Perth's top tourist attraction (and deservedly so) with the best views of the city skyline and river, plus the park, an Aboriginal art gallery, a design store (Aspects), places to eat, etc. Having said that, I live down the street and I probably haven't been there for over a year (must take up jogging).

Stupid neighbours

I smell barbecue!
My veg dinner can't compete
With meat popsicles!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Under no circumstances whatsoever

People should not wear
Metallic footless leggings
Whatever their size

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hospital cafeteria food - the sequel

Mushroom risotto
Oily, soggy. Overall,
Quite disappointing.

Hospital cafeteria food

Mushroom risotto
Three dollars and fifty cents
For my lunch today