Saturday, December 12, 2009

More procrastination

I had a long-awaited day off this week and the exciting highlight for me was going to the post office. Yup, the post office. I picked up some parcels and more importantly, sent some. I fear I may have mixed up some of the parcels' contents but hopefully no one's weirded out by their gifts.

Has anyone ever ordered from Better World Books? Did your books come in a big blue bag like this?

 Who's getting this? Did I send it to the right person? Aargh...

I've won a handful of blog giveaways in the last few weeks (I know! The karma debt is building) including some pretty tape and gift tags, and I've developed a bad habit for buying ribbons.Some of the trimmings to make little crappy things look more expensive:

Also, purchased at the Subi Street Festival this week from Perth-based peoples:
More photos once the gifts have arrived!

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