Sunday, December 27, 2009

RAH! and Little Miso

I have a friend called Little Sarah, or should I say Sa-RAH, because she is always sneaking up behind me (such as when I'm at a computer at work, or sitting in a cafe waiting for her to arrive) and grabbing my shoulders and shouting "RAH!" It is annoying but kind of endearing too. As long as I'm not holding a hot coffee at the time.

Image shamelessly pilfered from Little Miso's blog

Anyway, when I saw a "RAH!" necklace at Little Miso's stand at the Unwrapped market last weekend, I had to buy it for Sarah. I also picked up some cute wrapping paper and a pretty little postage print. You can get some Little Miso goodness yourself, at her etsy store. Her jewellery has been featured by Frankie and Where the Lovely Things Are. Also check out her awesome website for her graphic design, illustration and advertising work (especially the "graphics" section, for the typographic book of kids' answers to the question "what do you want to do in the future").

Is this not awesome? 
Again, shamelessly stolen from Little Miso.

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