Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Here's some shit i've been doing to procrastinate

I am currently watching a doco on SBS called Kings of Pastry and these French pastry chefs are competing for supreme-o pastry chef kudos, and one of them is using a circular saw/sander (I shit you not) to mould a pastry tower that somewhat resembles, in shape and size, the Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter films. No, wait! He's putting some fondant roses on it or something. Now it looks like a prop from a sixties sci fi film. Nonetheless, I'm sure it's delicious.

I am also still a bit peeved about the saleswoman in Myer today ("I only deal with Charlie Brown customers, darling,") who implied that I couldn't afford to buy a Karen Walker top AND dress, then warned me that I couldn't return the dress if I'd already worn it and removed the tags!

I have also been wrapping presents, which aren't even for Christmas or anything in particular. I can't show you any photos as the few people who read this blog will probably be receiving some of those gifts but here's some I prepared earlier:

These were gifts for my friends Dea and Kathy (no shit!) in Melbourne, that I bought because I was visiting Melbourne and because I probably forgot their birthdays this year. (In case you're wondering, Dea's was a Kishi-worthy sequined parrot brooch I picked up at some vintage market at Perth Fashion Festival and Kathy's was a mushu bangle I stupidly carried all the way from Perth when I could have just bought it in Melbs. Oh well.) Kathy's tag has pumpkins stamped on it because it was Halloween.

This is the sort of crap I send (this was to Tan, in the States). Did I post this already? Probably. I need some sleep. Adios.

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