Sunday, September 20, 2009


Perth has hosted an uncharacteristic number of art and craft markets in the recent weeks. I enjoy these because I can justify over-spending by telling myself that I am "supporting local business." Here's a small selection of goodies I bought that are now hanging on the wall:

Little painting on wood by Creepy, purchased at the Made On The Left market.

Large collage by a local graphic designer who goes by the moniker Franc. He has cool business cards.
Also purchased at Made On the Left.

Print by Scarlet and the Sea, purchased at Perth Upmarket.

Print on canvas by Champ and Rosie, purchased a while ago at Upmarket.
(If you can't make it out, it says "cardigans are warm.")

Painting by Sam Knest from Mixtape Gallery. Okay, I didn't buy it at the markets but I did buy it during Outskirts during the PFF, on a day when I visited a few different markets.

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