Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Life, My Loves, My BROWNIES

A few months ago, I posted about a giveaway that I won from the lovely blog My Life - My Loves

I finally remembered to take a photo of something I baked from the cookbook! These brownies tasted much yummier than they look in the photo. The book under the bowl is not the cookbook (it is a terribly boring textbook).

Picture below by Sharnel of My Life - My Loves.
The prize included the book and oven mit (but sadly not the cake).

I'm sure no one would have read the original post so I'll just be lazy and re-post it here:

I won a giveaway from My Life, My Loves. Sharnel, who writes the blog, is a fan of grosgrain ribbon (me too - well, who isn't?), Dirty Dancing and Jenny Morris. Also, it would seem, she runs a cupcake company in Brisbane called The Cupcake Company. Their blog is pure cupcake porn. (Not in an R-rated way! In a pink frosting, silver cachou and cake tier way.) Check it out! And if you're in Brisbane, order some cupcakes and tell me what they taste like!

(Image via The Cupcake Company)

Thanks, Sharnel! Everything I've made from that cookbook has been delicious. Mmm.

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  1. You are very welcome! I'm glad you are enjoying the fruits of the cookbook!


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