Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Down & Out Chic + The Mineralista

Earlier this year, I won a giveaway via the Down and Out Chic blog - the Peacock collection of mineral eyeshadows from The Mineralista. The colours are inspired by the colours of a peacock feather (as seen in their picture above).

Here they are piled up on my couch (top to bottom): Peacock Lime, Peacock Blue, Peacock Green, Black out, Peacock Midnight and Peacock Purple.
The colours were really intense as in the photo (sorry, I'm not showing my face on this blog) and they're really well-priced (especially if you're in the US) and they came in a sweet little organza pouch (even though they'd spilt out a bit...I'm talking to you, Peacock Green). Thanks, Christina and thanks Mineralista.

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  1. yay, i'm so glad you like them! they look so pretty sitting there on your couch:)


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